Cheerful special home is a charitable children's institution registered under the ministry of gender and children Affairs, certificate no. CBO /14994. It was started in 2005 by two special volunteers who by virtual of their profession had realized the problems children with mental handicaps from poor families and orphans were undergoing. It is not a money making venture but an initiative where we all can join hands and help this desperate children.


Special Cheerful Home (SCH) aims to provide quality services to mentally handicapped orphans so that they may be productive and useful members of their society. They also make the children feel wanted and appreciated which helps them develop their talents. CSH is a charitable children’s institution registered with the Government as a Community Based Organization. It was started in 2005 by two volunteer teachers who, by virtue of their profession, realized the problems that poor children and orphans with mental handicaps were enduring. They care, support and train these vulnerable children.

SCH relies on well wishers and people of good will for everything – from the food the children eat, Epileptic drugs and jigger eradicating drugs to the clothes the children wear. There are a large number of needy children they would really like to admit to the Home but, due to the financial and resource constraints, they have been put on a waiting list.

Our mission

To provide quality training that will make our children productive and useful members of the society.

Our Vision

To have the mentally handicapped feel wanted and appreciated to develop their talents.

Our motto

The mentally challenged are trainable