HISTORY  :  Leah is 16 years old (1995).  We learnt of the poor girl from a teacher friend of the Home.  The girl was staying at home as  school could admit her.  The girl is a hydrocephalus.

A shant has been inserted to help stop the head from growing further .  It was inserted when the head had already grown to a size that  weighs her down so much.  Leah is  Epileptic.  She is on daily use of drugs to help her stop/ reduce the fits.  She had not had any fit since she came 1 year ago so we have not been able to identify which type of epilepsy she has.  We learnt from the mother that in 2004 Leah was admitted in hospital with severe Bronchitis .  This left her with a very weak chest (Lungs) Instead of washing her body directly with water a dry bath is done  on her.  She is always properly dressed other wise she easily gets sick.  She is not toilet trained but can learn.  Her lower limps are very weak due to the weight of her big head.  She walks slowly rest she falls.  She is a charming girl and very talkative.  She is able to manipulate objects.  The girl is very needy.




HISTORY:  Githae is about 16 years.  He was referred to the center from a children’s home for the orphans.  He has other 3 siblings also in the home, who have no problem.  Githae is an orphan.  We learnt from the home that the four children used to stay with their 70 years grandfather after their parent died.  It was too much for the grand father to take care of the four children as he had no regular income but only a small farm.  Githae is a charming and obedient boy.  He has no health problems.  He is trained in activities of daily living (ADL) Has speech and follows instructions very well.  In class, he is always willing to learn new things though is not able to retain much due to his mental challenges.  He can be trained on skills which can help him be self reliant in future e.g barber skills,. The boy is very needy.




HISTORY:  Wangeci  is about 11 years.  She is an orphan from a children’s home .  She has no other relatives in the home.  The in charge of the home says she cannot trace the history of the girl, Cecelia is mentally challenged. We have identified her to have a condition (brain disorder) cerebral palsy (C.P) She is very charming, quite and very obedient,. She is also epileptic.  On daily drugs to control her fits.  She is yet to learn any self help skills.  She is very needy.





HISTORY:  Patrick comes from a very humble family which has really tried hard to train him.  His father is deceased and the mother who brought the boy to our centre is well advanced in age.  She is a peasant farmer.  She cannot be able to take the boy to school due to financial constrains.  We have identified Patrick to be a down syndrome.  He is trained in activities of daily living (ADL) Can brush teeth well, wash his clothes with minimum assistance and brush his shoes well.  He is very humble but can easily fight back when provoked.  Patrick has no health problems but occasionally gets pimples around his chin.  They clear when he uses antiseptic soap.  The boy is very needy as the mother cannot be able to take care of all his needs.




HISTORY:  Milka is 15  years old (1996).  She is the first born in a family of two. A child of a single mother who has no regular income and struggles hard to put food on the table. By looking at the girl you cannot identify her problem.  The mother says the child was born normal.  At 3 months she was hospitalized due to severe pneumonia for one week.  This could have been the cause of her brain damage.  She was taken to school at the right time but could not grasp anything in class. She never went beyond class 3 though she stayed for 8 years in school.  She has severe learning difficulties. Milka follows instructions well but is very stubborn cannot do anything she does not want to even if you force her.  She can do some home chores but with total; supervision.  She forgets most of the things you tell her thus have poor memory.  Cannot express herself-finds it very difficult to explain an issue.  In the centre – she does not like joining other learners in activities like singing, playing with balls.  She does not like joining other learners in activities like singing, playing with balls.  She always tells them to stop doing an activity which they refuse.




HISTORY:  Eunice is 16 years old (1996).  She is the 3rd born in a family of nine.  She is an orphan.  Both parents died in 2000, living that very large family with nobody to care for it.  All the other children have since moved out of the house to go and feed for themselves doing manual jobs but for Eunice who is mentally challenged.  We have identified Eunice to have a condition (A brain disorder as cerebral palsy C.P) She responds well to instructions understands everything and tries very hard to do whatever you have asked her to do.  Her speech is defective though you can understand well what she is saying.  Is  trained in activities of daily living and is well groomed.  Walks slowly and in an awkward style due to a weakness around her hip joint.  She is very needy.




HISTORY :  George is 16 years old.  He is mentally challenged.  He is a down syndrome who has a very sad history.  He is  trained in activities of daily living (ADL).  He can easily learn as most Down Syndromes are trainable.  Wachira comes from a poor and large family which the couple cannot be able to bring up.  The mother is on daily use of drugs as she suffer from mental illness ( schizophrenia)  The father is more worse .  We learn from a reliable source that he takes hard drugs thus the confusion he seems to suffer from.  After a child learns how to walk, he/she is let free to feed for self thus Wachira’s predicaments.  He belongs to the community.  He wakes up early from his sisal sack where he sleeps roams/ wanders about in the village looking for food.  When he goes to a homestead he cannot be given food  unless he does a chore e. fetching water, firewood.  He is not allowed to enter a house even when its raining due to his foul;  smell from luck of washing  and his very dirty clothes.  There is nobody to guide  him on such matters.  He has stereotype behavior’s  e.g borrowing from anybody.  These days the mother is seen at the Karatina- Nairobi stage collecting papers Wachira is very needy.





HISTORY  :  Wambui is 16 years.  She is an orphan.  The mother who was not married died leaving four (4)  children to her old mother ( over 70).  Unfortunately Wambui was mentally challenged.  The other three who had no problem were lucky.  They were taken to Ngangarithi Children’s Home in Nyeri but Wambui  could not go due to her condition.  Wambui severely mentally challenged.  She is not trained in activities of daily living (ADL) cannot dress self, go to the toilet wash self or do anything on her own .  She has never slept on a bed or worm a pair of shoes.  She goes to the toilet at the same corner where she sleeps.

Most of the times she is locked in the house as the grandmother goes out to look for food.  The grandmother has a psychological problem.  This you detect when she starts talking about her many problems.  Most of the times she talks about Wambui and her dead daughter.  She tells even strangers in the hope that she is given  something to take home.  She is not able to tend her unproductive shamba and also in peoples farms.  This becomes very difficult for her to get food to feed the girl who is a heavy feeder.  Wambui is very needy and totally dependant.




HISTORY :  Wanjugu is 17 years old (1994) but has stunted growth thus looks like a child of 15 years. We learnt about her pathetic case from a chiefs assembly where we had gone to educate people on causes and prevention of mental disability. We learnt it was case of threatened miscarriage during her 6th month of pregnancy.  Prolonged labour during the peri-natal period and the use of forceps to help pull her out.  Mary is not under any medication.  Has moderate cerebral palsy due to her brain damage. She has poor grooming cannot tell when. Her clothes are dirty thus cannot remove them unless told.  Cannot remove jiggers from her toes and they are very many.  The mother does not seem to care about them.  She has limited independent skills e.g washing , using the toilet, brushing teeth e.t.c .  When left alone she wanders from the compound and can easily get lost.  Is not fluent in speech but has communication skills.  Wanjugu is very needy.




HISTORY:  Wairimu is 15 years old (1996).  The last born in a family of eight .  She is an orphan left in the care of her older siblings who toss her from one home to the other as none is willing to take full responsibilities of her.  They are all grown ups living in their own homes. We identified mercy to be a Down syndrome thus her problem is congenital.  She had a slow growth development and low developmental  milestones.  Mercy experiences speech difficulties a characteristics found in Down syndromes.  She is trained in most activities of daily (ADL) though has poor grooming cannot remove take off her dirty clothes unless remained.  She can carry out house hold chores with guidance.  She can be trained on self help  skills.  Mercy is very needy.




HISTORY:  Njogu is 13  years old ( 1997) Michael, his brother  and their 69 year old grand mother reside at Wakamata trading center where they have been given a small room to live in by a good Samaritan.  Michael who is mentally challenged is referred to as a ‘public Bother’ by people at the center.  This is because the grandmother is not able  to even feed, cloth or do anything to him.  He roams about the center begging, following people around , throwing stones anyhow and using abusive language with his not very fluent speech.  People seem to have gotten tired of his stereotype behaviours’ when there is nobody to sympathize the boy who is just 13 years old goes hungry.  The boy is very needy.




HISTORY:  Moses is 17 years (1994)  His problem is congenital.  We have identified him to have cerebral palsy (ataxia) He comes from a very poor family.  Both parents are preasant farmers with other seven children to feed, clothe and educate.  When the boy was born they did not notice anything unusual. At three years, they took him from one hospital to another but could not get a cure.  They even consulted traditional herbalist hopping the condition of the boy could improve.  Before the boy came to the home  he used to be left the whole day all by himself.  This really affected his growth and mental development.  Parents could not afford to take him for therapeutical exercise which he needed so much.  As a result his stiff joints become more stiff.  Could not walk and if he did he used to fall a lot.

The boy cannot do vigorous exercises.  Has speech difficulties ( has very few words ) is not trained in activities of daily living (ADL) Experiences learning difficulties but can manipulate concrete materials.  Has good visual perception and good auditory perception.  Though, he has shown some improvements since he came to the home.





HISTORY:  Grace is 15 years old (1996).  She is the last born in a family of six.  She comes from a very poor family.  Both parents are present farmers with no regular income.  Observing the family we,  noted that there is an element of retardation especially on the side of the father.  She has never been taken  to  school or any special  institution due to poverty .  We have identified her to be a down syndrome she has many activities she cannot do without assistance.  Her speech is defective ( not fluent ) thus does not like talking  especially to strangers.  When she was rescued and brought to the home she could not use a pit latrine well due to fear of the pit.  She used to help herself behind the latrine.

She is very charming and wears a wide smile all the time.  As most Down syndromes are, Grace is trainable.  Though she is very needy.




HISTORY :  Grace is 17 years old (1994)  Is the last born in a family of four.  Her mother is also mentally challenged but the other three older siblings have no problem.  We have identified Grace to have genetically mental retardation and also a case of environmental problems.  The mother who is single cannot feed Grace ( The other children have already moved out).  They both rely on handouts from an uncle who is also not stable.  (He is a tailor)  Grace is very quite and very obedient.  She is trained in activities of daily living (ADL) Well groomed.  Takes care of herself.  Can  be trained in self help skills e.g. making beads, knitting.  She is very needy.




HISTORY:  Alex is 12 years old(1998)  The second born in a family of 3.  He is from a very poor family which could not take the boy to school due to financial constraints.  We have identified him to be a down syndrome .  His speech is not fluent a characteristic found in almost all down syndromes.   He is trained in activities of daily living (ADL) can brush his teeth, dress well and wash his hands very fast to eat.  He is very playful and very jolly.  He can be trained on self help skills e.g. barber skills, cobbler skills for self reliance.  He is very needy.





HISTORY  :  Carlo was born on  March 1999 .  She is the second born in a family of three.  Carol as often called in school and at home has been identified to have unexplained severe learning difficulties.  Most people say she talks too much.  Most of the times, you find her doing funny things like clapping her hands rapidly looking upwards and laughing .  other times, you find her staring at nothing picking things in her mouth and behaving in a manner you would say she is  SCHIZOPHRENIC.

Carlo comes from a very poor family-  they are peasant farmers who struggle hard to put food on the table -  They have a small piece of land .  Most of the times , the mother works on other people’s land.

NOTE:  One day during my home visit , I noticed Carol’s right eye skin was charred.  I could notice the difference between the two eyes.  When I asked her what the matter was, she told me that her mother had pored hot water on her.  I got interested and keenly enquired what had happened .  She told me how her mother came and  found her in the kitchen. She had put  water in the kitchen she had put water on the jiko which she wanted to bath with.  Her mother charging – took the hot water  and poured it on her. She tool a burning firewood stump and hit her with it telling  her to go and die.  I talked with  the mother and she was very remorseful, said she will never do that again.

Carlo is very needy.





HISTORY :  Eunice is an only child of a single lady.  She was born in 1999.  She stays with her grandmother  who is a widow.  The grandmother is a peasant farmer and has other children of another daughter who passed away years back and was not married .

Eunice has been identified to have microcephacy.  This condition has caused Eunice to have

-         Low intelligence

-         Poor motor activities

-         Communication difficulties

-         Poor visual perception etc.

Eunice can be trained on practical activities and learn.  She is very hard working – does not rest when others are resting – she cannot tell between numbers 1 & 2cannot name pictures of very common objects e.g                     cup in mother tongue.  She is very needy.





HISTORY:  Njoki is the fourth born in a family of nine (9).  The parents are peasant farmers who sometimes work on other people’s farms in order to feed that very big family.  Most of the times , Njoki goes to her grandmother’s who lives not far from their house

    1. Njoki is slow in carrying out given tasks
    2. Though she seems to understand, she is not quick to follow instructions
    3. Fails to develop social and emotional relationship
    4. Likes to dominate and command others.
    5. Has retarded motor development ( cannot carry out vigorous exercise)
    6. Lacks the ability to connect a picture or object with an activity, word or name

Njoki is very needy




 HISTORY: Mwaniki was born in 1998. He is the last born in a family of six. The father died when he was 5 years old. The mother is a casual labourer who struggle very hard to put food on the table.

Mwaniki has severe speech difficulties.(He is a stammer)

This was caused by a severe attack of pneumonia  which is also the cause of his mental handicap.

The mother says he had no problem until that fatal disease that left him in his present condition.

The boy can be trained on vocational skills e.g.

n    Cobbler skills.

n     Barber skills.

The boy is very needy.




   HISTORY:  Mercy was born in 1996. she is the 7th child in a family of eight. The father died when she was 7 years old. The mother has no regular in come and having that very big family, makes it very difficult for her to take care of a child with special needs.

Mercy is a down sydrome.

She is very active, is trained in activities of dairy living (ADL).

She takes care of all her needs e.g. Dressing, washing her clothes,e.t.c.

Mercy can be trained on vocational skills such as, Making beads, Hair dressing skills e.t.c

She is very needy.






  HISTORY:  Peter was born in1995. He comes from a very poor family who struggle very hard to put food on the table.

He was born disabled. Due to lack of knowledge and the problems at home, the family didn't do anything to help the boy overcome his disability.

      Observing the boy, we realized that if he was given therapeutical exercise, he could have improved. Peter has starnted growth, can not grow well because his hands & legs are twisted. Due to many problems the boy undergoes, he looks withdrawn and refuses to talk.  Though he is very charming and likeable. wish some thing could be done to help this boy. he is very needy.




HISTORY:     Mary was born in 1994. they were born twins. Mary and Ephraim Kinyua who is also mentally handicapped through mild.

-She walks in a slit limping manner.

-Falls most of the time after a slit halt.

-Though she has self help skills, she has poor grooming, cannot remove her dirty clothes unless reminded. She is very needy.




  HISTORY:   Ann is 10 years old (2011) She comes from a very poor background. Looking at her, you cannot tell why she is placed as a child with disability though her speech is slightly defective.

  Her case seems to be more of an environmental case than anything else. She is of a single mother who has  other children. The mother also seems to have special needs.

     She  ( the mother ) is epileptic and talks too much. Her legs are heavily invested with jiggers. They are both  also very needy.

Ann has also been affected with jiggers.  Most of the times, she can hardly walk due to the jigger menace. During such times, she is so down that she hardly talks.

She is trained in activities of dairy living, can also be trained on vocational skills. She is very needy.




HISTORY:  Henry is 13 years old(1998). He is the 1st born in a family of two. The parents (A very young couple) are HIV positive. Unfortunately the other boy has been affected by the deadly disease.

  The parents are casual labourers and having that condition, they most of the times lack energy to work on other peoples farms.

Henry's problems seems to be more of environmental than developmental. He looks malnourished and lack most basic needs. He can be trained on vocational skills e.g trained in activities of dairy living (ADL) e.g.

n    Dress making skills

n  Making beds

n  Weaving  e.t.c

He is very needy.